Detached barns

Our offer includes designs of free stall barns for dairy cows. Apart from designing, we also deliver  the materials necessary for the construction of the barn and take care of the construction process itself. Developing barn construction designs, we focused primarily on adjusting the building to technological requirements. We focus mainly on providing animals with comfortable conditions to guarantee best milk production results.


We use sandwich panels with polyurethane core for roofing. Depending on the region in which a particular barn is to be designed, we use panels with 40, 50 or 60 mm thick cores. Given the increased aggressiveness of the environment in the barn, we use sandwich panels in special claddings:

  • Fibreglass cladding. Guarantees 100% resistance to ammonia (comparable to acid-resistant steel sheet). Additionally, the cladding reflects light well and its smooth surface prevents dirt from accumulating. The cladding is resistant to high-pressure cleaning. Moreover, the cladding is 100% resistant to fungi and mould.

  • Steel cladding with AGRO PLUS (MP20) coating. We use galvanized steel sheet with an additional 30 + 30 micrometer organic coating as the internal cladding of the panel. This allows us to increase the resistance of the coating to factors prevailing in the barn.

The proposed thickness of insulation guarantees correct functioning of a detached barn:

  • in the summer it provides good insulation for cows. Thanks to our plates and adequate ventilation, cows are provided with thermal comfort (below the ambient temperature), which translates into better milk production results.

  • in the winter insulation prevents water from condensing on the internal cladding of the panel, no drips fall on the cows and negatively influence their comfort.


Rooflights have a significant influence on adequate ventilation in a detached barn. Our designers choose the right width of rooflights, side wall openings and the roof slope itself in order to guarantee adequate micro climate in the barn. Skylight base and its construction are made of aluminium or steel galvanised profiles. Transparent elements are made of polycarbonate plates characterised by very good insulation parameters. We use ridge chimney skylights (open ridge) or roof skylights with side ventilation.