Chicken coops

With the gradual implementation of new technologies on the market of poultry farming, we want to comply with the increasingly high hygiene, construction and visual standards investors have to meet if they want to build a chicken coop or modernise an existing one.

Previously used traditional systems were based on brick walls, usually insulated with foamed polystyrene, and roofs were often made of fibre cement with elements of suspended ceiling. The solution we offer is based on the application of sandwich panels with a safe polyurethane core in claddings made of sheets coated with polyester or with special coatings which are highly resistant to high concentrations of ammonia and urine, typical inside livestock facilities.

An additional undeniable advantage which follows from the use of sandwich panels is a significant acceleration of construction works and improved aesthetics of the constructed facilities. The polyurethane core is not subject to biodegradation, moreover, small rodents are not particularly interested in this material, as a result of which constant insulation conditions of the building assumed in the project remain unchanged throughout the entire period of exploitation.


Panels with a polyurethane core in metal sheet cladding with organic PE polyester coating provide adequate resistance to both internal and external conditions of livestock buildings.

Trapezoidal external cladding allows to achieve better tightness of roofing, which translates into long-term comfort and safety of use.

The proposed thickness of the core (depending on the region of Poland and type of herd) is 60-100 mm.

If necessary, we are able to provide answers or consultations concerning the right choice of materials necessary for the construction of a modern chicken coop.


We suggest that walls in poultry facilities should be made of sandwich panels with a vertical or horizontal polyurethane core. It should be born in mind that - in the case of breeding hens - the bedding should not touch the panel; in such cases a concrete plinth should be used. We use polyester coating or the special increased corrosion resistant coating MP20 as the internal sheet cladding.

Panels for modernising existing facilities:

Panels for modernising existing facilities.

We are aware that there is a large number of livestock facilities on the market which were built some time ago, but they still perform their functions well and require modernisation works only. For those breeders who wish to increase livestock comfort in their existing facilities, we offer solutions which improve the aesthetics and hygiene of animal breeding.

Suspended ceiling boards:

We are able to quickly and easily select wall panels coated with metal sheet claddings, with core thickness (50 - 60 mm) dependent on the type of roofing, that will be suitable for your needs. Such a panel may be suspended directly on the existing construction or on special hinges. This solution enables quick installation, provides tightness of connections, and makes it easy to keep the facility clean.

Thermal insulation half-panels:

We suggest the use of half-panels with one polyester-covered sheet cladding for mounting onto walls, maintaining adequate dilatation to improve the insulation parameters of walls in the facility.

In order to meet the increasingly rigid sanitary requirements, each of the proposed applications may be implemented with the use of cladding made of special Agro fibreglass or MP20 coating.

Elements of chicken coop construction