Facilities with such high requirements in terms of constant internal temperature comfort entail the use of adequate insulation materials in the construction process. If temperatures in the pigsty in the winter are too low, animals have less energy, they become more prone to diarrhoea and various respiratory diseases. If temperatures in the summer are too high, the level of production in modern pig breeding decreases.

Addressing pig breeders' expectations, and taking into consideration the type of the designed investment, we are able to select sandwich panels whose polyurethane core thickness provides adequate and convenient conditions for animals in terms of thermal insulation requirements and allows the investor to implement the project quickly and efficiently; it is a perfect solution enabling easy maintenance of hygiene.


Panels with a polyurethane core in metal sheet cladding with organic PE polyester coating provide adequate resistance to both internal and external conditions of livestock buildings.

Trapezoidal external cladding allows to achieve better tightness of roofing, which translates into long-term comfort and safety of use. The proposed thickness of the core (depending on the region of Poland) is 80-100 mm. If necessary, we are able to provide answers or consultations concerning the right choice of materials necessary for the construction of a modern pigsty.

We also offer Agro Plus panels in special cladding for increased comfort of use and enhanced resistance of walls and roofs to the aggressive conditions inside livestock buildings. This application stands out thanks to the use of the MP20 coating, which is a type of polyamide-reinforced polyurethane resin (Pu/PA) applied in large quantities. This finishing method of claddings guarantees the highest quality of the end product. The use of polyamide provides flexibility combined with high hardness and chemical resistance. The Agro Plus coating system is similar to but better than the traditional PVDF system. It provides permanent and accurately reproduced colours and the use of non-toxic paints and dyes makes it compliant with the philosophy of environment protection.

For the purpose of pigsty facilities, we also use roof panels with lower fibreglass cladding. It guarantees 100% resistance to ammonia (comparable to acid-resistant steel sheet). Additionally, the cladding reflects light well and its surface is smooth, which prevents dirt from accumulating. The cladding is resistant to high-pressure cleaning. Moreover, the cladding is 100% resistant to fungi and mould.